The perfect CC solution fit for midsize businesses

Avaya Contact Center Select is a context-sensitive, multichannel contact solution that enables businesses to improve customer experiences; increase customer lifetime value and revenue; and anticipate, automate and accelerate customer interactions while improving agent efficiency to reduce cost. Fully integrated with the Avaya IP Office platform.

ACCS allows users to automatically dial out to customers, combines historic and real-time contextual customer information to help improve the quality of interactions, optimizes agent utilization and productivity, and enhances supervisor performance to deliver superior customer experience and drive sustainable business growth.

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Agent Efficiency

The Agent Desktop interface makes it quick and easy for agents to interact with customers regardless of the channel. Agents use the Agent Desktop to manage inbound and outbound voice interactions, as well as email, web chat, SMS, and fax.

Supervisor Effectiveness

Historical and real-time displays with dynamic filtering provide easy-to-read information on Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), contact summaries and consolidated multichannel reports. This helps reduce the time spent analyzing data and allows more time for coaching agents, helping improve both agent and supervisor productivity.

Scalability & Architecture

Avaya Contact Center Select can be architected to help ensure business continuity during unforeseen disruptions.

Customer Satisfaction

Reducing or eliminating transfers improves the customer experience. Avaya Contact Center Select can route voice calls, and multichannel transactions to the most appropriate resource based on language, knowledge, past history and availability, with alternative options should the first choice be busy or unavailable.

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