Ascom solutions for hospitals

ASCOM already offers solutions that can dramatically improve communication and collaboration within hospitals—solutions that can help enhance patient safety, staff satisfaction and clinical workflows.

Non-integrated communication systems and technologies are a costly burden on strained healthcare resources. But the Ascom Healthcare Platform is showing a way forward. It combines products, services and insights into how modern healthcare really works.

Find out why hospitals around the world and also in Poland use Ascom teleCARE IP paging systems and Ascom IP-DECT communication systems. Call or write to us today for more information on all the possibilities and useful functions of ASCOM systems.

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Patient Satisfaction

  • Less waiting time
  • Better contact with staff
  • “silent hospital”


  • Recording / registration of calls
  • Confirmation of delivery of the summons
  • Certification for work in a hospital

High functionality

  • Connection to monitoring systems patient
  • Integration with medical systems
  • Easy management

Low costs

  • Low installation cost
  • Low maintenance cost
  • No internal call costs

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